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Whether more efficient processes, pioneering organizations or powerful IT systems – the Competence Center Process Management Real Estate (CC PMRE) collects and bundles knowledge for effective real estate management. Investors, asset and property managers and facility managers will find the relevant information for setting the course for the future.


Climate. Change. Chance.

Climate change is inevitable: storms, floods, heat islands in city centers are consequences that society is already facing today. However, the view into the future is not only gloomy. Scientists have calculated that investments in climate protection are worth it. The consequential costs of failing to protect the climate are many times higher than the supposedly saved funds. There are also signs of a change in society. New needs are emerging and customers expect climate-friendly living and working. It is therefore time to see climate change not only as a threat, but also as an opportunity to generate new products and tap into additional customer groups. This market study serves to identify possible potentials and will provide recommendations for a climate-friendly company transformation.


Assets on the Move! New ways to built mobility

Electromobility, air taxis, hyperloops – mobility is being reconsidered today. Innovative types and patterns of mobility are emerging. They connect people and transport goods. These mobility flows often start and end with real estate buildings in which people live and make their way to the office halls in which goods are produced that are later transported to department stores for sale. If mobility flows change, it is obvious that this will also have an influence on real estate. How this influence looks like, what the extent of this transformation is and how the real estate industry should react to it is shown in the PMRE Monitor 2020: Assets on the Move! New ways to built mobility.


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The CC PMRE is a research and consulting platform in cooperation with the HTW Berlin and is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Regina Zeitner and Prof. Dr. Marion Peyinghaus. The research topics are decided together with a steering committee and professionally accompanied. This steering committee is formed by renowned experts and managers from the real estate industry:


Optimization possibilities are endless.
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Process management

How to develop, optimize and implement your processes for a successful real estate business?

Organizational structures

Is your business model ready for the challenges of the future? Does your organization suit your strategic positioning?

IT-Systems and data management

How do you achieve with optimized processes and increased data quality, the efficiency in daily business – at reasonable system costs?

PMRE Monitor

Knowledge enables action. Our market analyses give you a sound base for this.

PMRE Monitor 2020
Assests on the Move! New ways to built mobility

PMRE Monitor 2019
How much agility can the real estate industry handle?

PMRE Monitor 2018
What the economy thinks and the youth wants!

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PMRE Monitor

Knowledge enables action. Our market analyses give you a sound base for this.

Press report

The opinion of CC PMRE is valuable. This is demonstrated by numerous reports in trade magazines on research projects and their results.


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