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Whether more efficient processes, pioneering organizations or powerful IT systems – the Competence Center Process Management Real Estate (CC PMRE) collects and bundles knowledge for effective real estate management. Investors, asset and property managers and facility managers will find the relevant information for setting the course for the future.

Advance Notice Market Analysis PMRE Monitor 2024:

An AI User Manual 

AI solutions are one of the central topics of our time and raise high expectations.Experts predict a fundamental transformation of entire sectors of the economy. However, experience also shows that AI is not a self-runner and the digital transformation must be managed. With its new market analysis An AI User Manual, the CC PMRE would like to provide assistance and show which potentials AI offers in the real estate industry and which paths must be taken in order to successfully use AI solutions.

Specifically, the market analysis will answer the following questions:

  • Vision: Where will AI be used in the real estate industry?
  • Mobilisation: How are employees inspired for the AI change?
  • Transformation: How do companies become AI champions?

The PMRE Monitor will be published in spring 2024.

Until then, the opener provides an insight into the initial results and paints a picture of the real estate industry of tomorrow.

Market Analysis PMRE Monitor 2023:

Social Real Estate: The Attraction of Social Action

ESG is on everyone’s lips in the real estate industry. However, until now, the E-criteria have been the main focus of attention. The implementation of the S-criteria is still in its infancy in the industry. However, one thing is already becoming clear: social responsibility is giving rise to concrete economic opportunities. Under the title Social Real Estate: The Attraction of Social Action, the new market study is dedicated to the S-Criteria and specifies their content and components with reference to real estate properties and real estate companies.

Find out in the PMRE Monitor 2023 which lucrative potentials are possible to increase value and revenue, how stranded assets can be avoided and how companies can score in the war of talents through social engagement.


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The CC PMRE is a research and consulting platform in cooperation with the HTW Berlin and is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Regina Zeitner and Prof. Dr. Marion Peyinghaus. The research topics are decided together with a steering committee and professionally accompanied. This steering committee is formed by renowned experts and managers from the real estate industry:


Optimization possibilities are endless.
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Process management

How to develop, optimize and implement your processes for a successful real estate business?

Organizational structures

Is your business model ready for the challenges of the future? Does your organization suit your strategic positioning?

IT-Systems and data management

How do you achieve with optimized processes and increased data quality, the efficiency in daily business – at reasonable system costs?

PMRE Monitor

Knowledge enables action. Our market analyses give you a sound base for this.

PMRE Monitor 2023
Social Real Estate: The Attraction of Social Action

PMRE Monitor 2022
Sustainable Leadership

PMRE Monitor 2021
Climate. Change. Chance.

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PMRE Monitor

Knowledge enables action. Our market analyses give you a sound base for this.

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